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Gold is the bedrock asset of any portfolio

Buying gold is an important way to preserve your purchasing power. It is a widely accepted investment principle that any serious investor should hold at least 10% of their portfolio in precious metals. Physical gold is a reliable and trustworthy asset, and is therefore an insurance against today’s monetary turmoil. Find out more about why to invest in gold.

As well as gold, you may also consider investing in other precious metals such as silver, platinum, and palladium. Find out more about these metals and how you can optimise your investments by diversifying your portfolio of precious metals.



Protect & increase your wealth with silver

Like gold, silver is also a smart way to preserve and increase your purchasing power. However, investing in silver tends to be more volatile than investing in gold. Both precious metals have monetary value, but silver also has wide-scale industrial applications, such as use in electrical conductors. This is because silver has a high electrical and thermal conductivity. Therefore, due to its wider industrial use, the price of silver tends to fluctuate more.

In addition to the conventional pricing of silver in US dollars, the value of silver is often measured against gold. Today (November 2017) the gold/silver ratio is ~75, which is high compared to historical standards. Many experts therefore believe that the gold/silver ratio is likely to decline. Whether that is correct or not, the gold/silver ratio is constantly fluctuating, periodically offering interesting silver buying opportunities relative to gold. Learn more about the gold/silver ratio in our gold and silver research section.

You might also consider buying other metals such as gold, platinum and palladium. You can learn more about how to diversify your portfolio by optimizing your investments.